About Us

Mahab Samen consulting company is established in 1999 by a group of skilled and experienced engineers and managers of Khorasan Razavi province , in order to presenting engineering consulting services , supervision and studies .

In order that most of these members are certain engineers which have served on technical, constructive and administrative issues in Khorasan Razavi province and country for years. They are completely familiar with the defects and problems of technical, constructive and administrative projects .
Mahab Samen consulting engineers company members according to the sense of responsibility which have for people, country and also the experiences have achieved before try to present the technical and engineering services required by country in various fields as well as possible.
Mahab Samen consulting engineers since its inception till now addition to monitoring the execution of various projects in the fields of water, sewage and gas also it has implemented on research projects including collecting surface water , rural water supply , water distribution , design of the gas distribution and transmission lines.

The management cadre of Mahab Samen consulting engineers company is in this belief that having sufficient experience in the field of supervising constructive projects implementation improving quality of project designing and studies because they are completely familiar with the problems and defects of those plans that have designed before and company were responsible for monitoring the implementation of it. Therefore with take a look at future trying to expand the consulting services in supervision and studying field

Mahab Samen consulting engineers company objective is to provide quality and comprehensive professional services in response to the needs of society. Thus by creating a professional and stable environment in addition to achieve a fair return for its investment, fulfill thoroughly need of employers.
Mahab Samen consulting engineers company has done various types of studying and supervision of assigned projects by utilization of the scientific ability, technical, administrative and advisory of over than 180 experienced engineers and administrative staffs and we have readiness to implement new studying and supervision projects in its own fields of activity. The combination of human resources on the basis of staff education is according to the following chart:
The chart of Mahab Samen consulting engineers company personnel and shareholders on the basis of qualification: